Dog Clothes and Accessories – How to Measure Your Dog For Clothes

Let’s admit it. We’ve all ordered dog clothes before and found they didn’t fit properly. This can be both frustrating and time consuming, especially when you may have needed the clothing by a certain time and now you don’t have it! The most common problem among dog clothing manufacturers is that there are problems with standardization in their sizing charts. Not all dog clothing is created equal. This makes it imperative that you become proficient at determining the proper size of your pet when ordering dog clothes and accessories, and to order the products based on your dog’s actual measurements and not the manufacturer’s sizes.

For clothing, there are three primary measurements that need to be considered, and you’ll need a cloth measuring tape:

1. First, measure the portion around your dog’s neck where a collar would be resting. Not only will this help you determine size for a collar, but also for sweaters, jackets, hoodies etc.

2. Next, measure the chest, by taking the tape directly behind the dog’s front legs and all the way around the back. This is very important, because if you don’t get the proper fit, the dog may have a difficult time walking properly in the outfit

3. Finally, measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This too is a very important measurement to have.

Some other important considerations:

If your dog’s measurements fall between two sizes, it is best to choose the larger size.

If your dog is not fully grown, continue to re-measure him at regular intervals, so you’ll always have current sizing.

Many owners use weight or breed as a guide for sizing. I wouldn’t recommend this. I’ve seen too many instances where this turned out to be inaccurate.

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